Parad Ganesh

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Parad Ganesh

Lord Ganapati is also one of the five Deities the worship of whom was made popular by Adi Shankaracharya; the other 4 Deities are Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Devi Shakti and Lord Surya. The Puja of these five Deities is called the Panchayatana Puja. In some situations, a sixth Deity, Lord Skanda is also worshipped.

Parad, Padrasam or Mercury is believed to be an exotic material and it is believed that anything or any God or Goddess figure in the form of Mercury or Parad is said to be very fortunate.

Benefits of placing Parad Ganapati

  • Parad Ganesha brings wealth and riches.Mercury Ganapati brings fame and name.
  • Padrasam Ganapati brings success in all your undertakings.
  • Parad Ganapati removes obstacles from the path of your success.
  • Mercury Ganapati bestows knowledge, understanding and wisdom.
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